Some Like it Hot

26 May 2017


Spice up your life!
We had a look at an assortment of Mexican spices, peppers and chillies to figure out the origins and what all the buzz was about. Mexican cuisine includes a variety of dry (Ancho Chilli, Guajillo Chilli) and Fresh (Poblanos, Serrano, Habaneros, Jalapeños) signature chillies to add depth to dishes and is a traditional ingredient that dates back centuries to the Mayan era. Not for the faint hearted, each type of chilli contributes to the sauces and flavourings we love about Super Loco Mexican food.
Stay tuned for our Signature Super Loco Hot Sauce coming soon!

Super Loco Robertson Quay – Easter Brunch

9 April 2017

Looking for a fun, festive and family friendly Mexican brunch this Easter on Sunday, April 16th? Look no further.

Super Loco Robertson Quay will be serving signature brunch specials, complimentary custom made luchador chocolates for the kids (and adultos) topped off with an Easter bunny piñata bashing session.

Spots are running out fast! Make your reservado right here.

5 Minutos with a Loco – Señor Ryan Choi

27 January 2017

Ryan Choi, our Group Training Manager is our main man when it comes to training the Loco team. He is instrumental in striving for the highest customer service levels for the Loco Group. Torn between trainings, paperwork and Jakarta, we nabbed our favourite Korean for quickie.

Ryan Choi – our Group Training Manager

Where are you from?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Go Leafs Go!! (he’s was referring to Toronto’s Hockey team)

Who inspires you and why?

Danny Meyer – one of the best restaurateurs in the world. Watching his YouTube video and reading articles, I’ve learnt valuable things. He truly understand the essence of succeeding in hospitality industry. Also, he seems like a real down to earth type of guys and a humble being. … No, I’ve not met him, yet!
At work, Alasdair is just an amazing mentor! I truly enjoy working with him.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job with us?

When I see our team working together as one and really having fun together while working. It also makes my day when guests leave a genuine comment about our teamwork and hospitality!

What’s you best restaurant dinning experience and why?

An unusual experience ten years back in a beautiful small town, Hunza Valley, Pakistan. You could walk to China from here! The place only had 5-6 tables, all the plates and utensils were different colours and sizes and some where even chipped. Food took a long time and they did not have any carbonated drinks or water. Food was so-so. But somehow it did not bother me and evening up going back five times in a week. The old man running the place was the only reason for this. I learnt then that even if ambience and food are not perfect, his infectious, inviting smile and how he made me feel really good every time was more than enough for me.

What kind of food do I miss form Canada?

Hot dogs, Chinese food, spicy Italian Sausage with sweet corns, onion, jalapeño and a drizzle of Mustard. Chinese food in Toronto is very different from what we have here, maybe I’m just used to that.

What kind of food will I crave if I left Singapore?

Minced pork noodles, Bak ku teh.. best food to have after a hangover!

Where do you think Singapore service quality can be improved?

Genuine hospitality, simple things like welcoming any guests with a genuine smile, and going above and beyond.
Even face, every table and every time.

Your pet hate?

When people chew noisily and open the mouth while eating. Drives me absolutely ‘loco’ overtime.


Ryebread, ryeguy, Choi

Do you say Takitish?

Was born after the 50s, so no but I do say a lot of ‘eh’s.. that’s pretty Canadian, eh?

Thank you for your time Ryan! 😉

Not a Bad Drop

27 January 2017

Specialising in lesser known southern Italian varieties, Con-Greg Grigoriou’s Delinquente Wine Co. mixes accessibility with generations of wine knowledge.

What did we think of them when we were introduced?

Screaming Betty- Vermentinos by Delinquente Wine Co.

It was love at first sight and passion at first sip!

Handmade in small batches, here’s a wine series that makes use of under-appreciated grape types from the Riverland that grows naturally well in the South Australian climate. With loco attitude from downunder, Delinquente Wine debuted last year with Vermentino (Screaming Betty) and it goes beautifully with our Mexican dishes. We’re happy to have these ‘ugly as sin’ Vermentinos available in Super Loco Customs House.

Con-Greg Grigoriou is the son of wine professional Chris Grigoriou, who manages high-volume wineries in the Riverland and Barossa Valley for more than 35 years. Having spent most of his childhood playing between vats and barrels, Con-Greg wanted to “get as far aways from the wine industry as possible” and so, moved to Melbourne and worked in advertising.

Sometime later, Con-Greg found himself back in Adelaide where he was once again drawn into the world of fermented grapes. “The idea had been bubbling along for awhile. I love these varieties and I think I saw an opportunity to make an awesome wine from the place I grew up, but put my own slant on it as well.” says Con-Greg! Tight and concise, small batches and special stuff year on year, collaborating with other winemakers and grape growers and keeping things fresh is Con-Greg’s moto. “The idea is to make really really, easy drinking – ‘smash able’ is the word we use – wines.”

Another factor that draws attention to Delinquente is it’s aesthetics. Masterminded by Con-Greg together with a mutual friends Ankles, the bottle labels depict a suite of characters set against hand-drawn illustration. The Delinquentes designs were influenced by pop culture references and people Ankles saw on the streets. The labels are meant to be ugly, confronting and weird, but still sort of beautiful and cool, which it is!

You can now enjoy this beautiful blend at Super Loco Customs House! Click here to make a reservations today.

– Adapted from CityMag and AWOL

Brunch with us on Monday this CNY

23 January 2017

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Brunch with us this CNY

Yes, Super Loco Robertson Quay will be open on Monday, 31st Jan for brunch and dinner this Chinese New Year. Indulge in a hearty Mexican brunch with us this Chinese new year! By the way – there’s no need to wake when the Rooster coos! Our brunch will be available from 10am.

Don’t wait at the door, click here to get yourself a table before arriving!

The Loco Group’s outlets will be closures are as follows:

★ Lucha Loco and Super Loco Customs House will be closed from Saturday, 28th till Monday, 30th Jan and opened on Tuesday, 1st Feb 2017.

★ Super Loco Robertson Quay will be closed on Saturday, 28th Jan only. Super Loco Robertson Quay will be open for brunch and dinner on Sunday 29th and Monday 30th Jan 2017.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

5 Minutos with a Loco – Bartender Nurul Hikmah Nees

28 October 2016

Bartender Nees Hikmah

Photo by: Ensof Photography


She’s rattled up the boys as she makes her mark behind the bar at Super Loco Robertson Quay. Nurul Hikmah Nees, one of our superstars in the Super Loco bartending team, was recently nominated in Giffard Samurai Cup for her cocktail 若いもの (Wakai Mono, meaning young ones).


★ Any nicknames at work or home?

◊ I get called by my last name – Nees. Not Knees! Not Ness! Definately not your niece but.. Nees!


★ Where do you work and how long have you been with this company?

◊ SUPER LOCO ROBERTSON QUAY!!! *high tens* I started off as a part timer on the floor and now full timer behind the bar.


★ What got you interested to work at the bar?

◊ I love challenges! Giving myself opportunity to do something I’ve never done before.


★ Who or what inspires you?

◊ My loved ones and nature. Inspiration is the driving force that leads me to take a chance and do something  I’m passionate about. I get inspired when I least expect it – I see, hear or experience something that moves me deeply. And when it strikes – I follow its lead and see where it takes me!


★ What’s your favourite agave spirit?

◊ I prefer highlands agave because it tends to grow larger and mature over a longer period of time (slow) thereby producing sweeter and fruity tequila. While lowland agave usually has more earthy, vegetal and drier flavour.


★ What’s your favourite cocktail to make at the outlet?

◊ MARGARITAS! It’s simple and easy to drink and tastes amazing!


What’s your number one tip for making an amazing margarita?

◊ Personally I prefer my margarita to be shaken on the rocks and to use agave syrup instead of sugar syrup.


★ How do you develop your recipes?

◊ Alot of reading, research and experiments with different types of flavours and spirits.


★ Tell us your experience with Giffard Samurai Cup?

◊ One of the best experience I have ever had! Especially for a newbie behind the bar. To get an opportunity to compete with such talented and experienced bartenders was inspirational!


★ What’s the name of your winning cocktail, ingredients and inspiration?

◊ My cocktail is 若いもの (Wakai Mono) – which  means the young ones. The first ingredient that struck my mind was Wasabi…yes a very random ingredient for a cocktail. So I combined some sweetness, citrus, and a dash of spice, a well balance spirit – gin and Giffard products. I wanted to make something special and also resembles my life. My daughter is my life. She has such a range of mixed emotions – she was the inspiration!


★ What’s your favourite way to spend a day off?

◊ Hot sunny day by the beach with refreshing margarita and sunshine!


★What do you want to be when you grow up?

◊ I have always dreamed to be a teacher. But I’m still in love with what I’m doing now… maybe one day when I’ve reached a certain level, I’ll gladly pass some knowledge to others!

5 Minutos with a Loco – Chef Victor Alejandro

23 August 2016

5 Minutos with a Loco - Chef Victor Alejandro


All the way from “The DF” (Distrito Federal), aka Mexico City, we’re excited to grab 5 minutos with Super Loco’s resident chilango, Chef de Cuisine, Chef Victor Alejandro. Check it out:


★ Any preferred name?

◊ Victor or Alejandro.


 Where exactly are you from?

◊ Mexico City, Mexico and yes, I’m Mexican.


★ Why did you choose to become a Chef?

◊ Perseverance and passion for food gave me the drive to become a Chef.


★ Where is your favourite restaurant in Mexico?

◊ Quintonil in Mexico City.


★ What’s your favourite tacos in Mexico?

◊ Taco de Chuleta con Nopales y Papas

(In English: Pork fillet with Cactus and Potatoes)


 What are your favourite items on the Super Loco menu?

◊ Pork, Baja and Chorizo Taco.


 If you could live off 3 dishes alone, what would they be?

◊  Chicken Fillet, Guacamole and Al Pastor Taco.


 What’s the best cure for a tequila hangover?

◊ Another tequila. Haha, no for me – spicy ceviche!


 If you could be a Lucha Libre wrestler who would you be?

◊ El Santo (one of the most famous and iconic of all Mexican luchadores, and has been referred to as one of “the greatest legends in Mexican sports.)


If you spot señor Victor – don’t forget to say ¡Hola!




Ninos Y Locos – Singapore Children’s Society

21 July 2016

LL_Desserts_Corn Cake (2)


We’re extremely excited to be contributing to the lil amigos of Singapore!


This season, both Super Loco and Lucha Loco are contributing part of our sales to Singapore Children’s Society (SCS). Choose the Head Honcho set menu when you walk into our outlet and know that $5 will be contributed towards the Singapore Children’s Society OCBC-TODAY Children’s Fund. Either that or simply order any of our desserts off the menu for a sweet finish and $1 will also be donated towards the Fund.


Muchas gracias amigos!

Watch this space for updates on the amount contributed to the Fund.

Eating tacos – Are you doing it right?

21 July 2016

Ever wondered what’s the right way to eat a taco or why the taco looks the way it does?
Dating back as far as the 18th century, it’s believed the taco originated in the silver mines of Mexico. The shape is inspired by the pieces of paper that miners used to wrap around gunpowder to fill the holes carved into the rock face!


While the taco has come a long way since then, one thing has never changed – the best way to enjoy a taco is to use your hands!


To save yourself from looking like a hot mess, put away your knives and forks and check out our fool proof tips below:

1. Check that the that taco isn’t overstuffed with filling (we’ve got you covered there), and gently fold in half.

2. Pinch at the top between your thumb and peace fingers

3. And finally… commit! Take that taco, forget about the mess and eat it like a Jefe aka Boss!


Taco de Camarones (edited)


For those neat freaks out there, keep a stack of napkins handy for any last minute spills.