5 Minutos with a Loco – Chef Victor Alejandro

23 August 2016

5 Minutos with a Loco - Chef Victor Alejandro


All the way from “The DF” (Distrito Federal), aka Mexico City, we’re excited to grab 5 minutos with Super Loco’s resident chilango, Chef de Cuisine, Chef Victor Alejandro. Check it out:


★ Any preferred name?

◊ Victor or Alejandro.


 Where exactly are you from?

◊ Mexico City, Mexico and yes, I’m Mexican.


★ Why did you choose to become a Chef?

◊ Perseverance and passion for food gave me the drive to become a Chef.


★ Where is your favourite restaurant in Mexico?

◊ Quintonil in Mexico City.


★ What’s your favourite tacos in Mexico?

◊ Taco de Chuleta con Nopales y Papas

(In English: Pork fillet with Cactus and Potatoes)


 What are your favourite items on the Super Loco menu?

◊ Pork, Baja and Chorizo Taco.


 If you could live off 3 dishes alone, what would they be?

◊  Chicken Fillet, Guacamole and Al Pastor Taco.


 What’s the best cure for a tequila hangover?

◊ Another tequila. Haha, no for me – spicy ceviche!


 If you could be a Lucha Libre wrestler who would you be?

◊ El Santo (one of the most famous and iconic of all Mexican luchadores, and has been referred to as one of “the greatest legends in Mexican sports.)


If you spot señor Victor – don’t forget to say ¡Hola!




Ninos Y Locos – Singapore Children’s Society

21 July 2016

LL_Desserts_Corn Cake (2)


We’re extremely excited to be contributing to the lil amigos of Singapore!


This season, both Super Loco and Lucha Loco are contributing part of our sales to Singapore Children’s Society (SCS). Choose the Head Honcho set menu when you walk into our outlet and know that $5 will be contributed towards the Singapore Children’s Society OCBC-TODAY Children’s Fund. Either that or simply order any of our desserts off the menu for a sweet finish and $1 will also be donated towards the Fund.


Muchas gracias amigos!

Watch this space for updates on the amount contributed to the Fund.

Eating tacos – Are you doing it right?

21 July 2016

Ever wondered what’s the right way to eat a taco or why the taco looks the way it does?
Dating back as far as the 18th century, it’s believed the taco originated in the silver mines of Mexico. The shape is inspired by the pieces of paper that miners used to wrap around gunpowder to fill the holes carved into the rock face!


While the taco has come a long way since then, one thing has never changed – the best way to enjoy a taco is to use your hands!


To save yourself from looking like a hot mess, put away your knives and forks and check out our fool proof tips below:

1. Check that the that taco isn’t overstuffed with filling (we’ve got you covered there), and gently fold in half.

2. Pinch at the top between your thumb and peace fingers

3. And finally… commit! Take that taco, forget about the mess and eat it like a Jefe aka Boss!


Taco de Camarones (edited)


For those neat freaks out there, keep a stack of napkins handy for any last minute spills.





The World’s oldest tequila – Fuenteseca Reserva

21 July 2016

Enrique Fonseca, master distiller, says: “I started this project because I wanted to make the best tequila possible, regardless of time or cost.”

LG_Fuentesca 18year


Fuenteseca Reserva tequila pays homage to the purest form of tequila distilling – made with love and respect for the history and traditions of tequila distillation.

Distilled in 1995, there were only 1000 bottles of Fuenteseca Reserva aged 18 years released in the US, and we are very lucky to have managed to get our hands on two of them! Fuenteseca tequilas are some of the oldest tequilas in the world, and amongst them the Fuenteseca Reserva aged 18 years is the eldest of them all. They are cased for 6 years in Canadian white oak (ex-whisky casks) and 12 years in American and French ex-wine barrels, making it a one-of-a-kind and “ultra-aged” sipping tequila. With peppery agave upfront notes and hints of oak, brown sugar and dark chocolate, this is a full bodied cognac-esk tequila that you must try during your next visit to Lucha Loco or Super Loco.

How to say it: “Fwen-te-sek-ah”


Available at Super Loco and Lucha Loco, $46+ per glass (30ml)

Taco meets Tequila

21 July 2016

Super Loco and Lucha Loco offers an array of delicioso tacos and while it’s hard to nail down The Loco Group’s ultimate combo, we did it anyway!

Baja Taco and Tequila (Edited)


The Baja Fish taco at Super Loco is suggested by our culinary and tequila aficionados,  to be the most perfect match to any tequila of your choice.


The fillet is made with fresh juicy snapper, crumbed and is lightly pan-fried until golden and crispy. Served with a little coleslaw, some herbaceous chimichurri mayo (tarragon, coriander, parsley and dill) plus a dash of extra flaky sea salt.


The herbs and the salt from the Baja Fish Taco is what makes the tequila shine as it really brings out those agave notes (from the tequila) in a symphony of flavours!


Available at Super Loco, Robertson Quay, $11+Baja Fish Taco, available at Super Loco

#nomnomnom #wearesuperloco

5 Minutos with a Loco – Chef Matt Woon

21 July 2016

Chef Matt (Edited)


This month, we’ve got the low down from Lucha Loco’s Head Chef – Señor Mathew Woon (aka Matt). Find out how Mexican cuisine has inspired Chef Matt, his passion for Mexican food and his taste bud tips for dining in Singapore. Chef Matt, originally from Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia, has been with The Loco Group since the beginning in 2012 and here’s our 5 minutes with him:


★ Tell us about your experience

◊ I started my apprenticeship in Melbourne, Australia after finishing high school there. After a few years in the industry I eventually found my way to Pearl, Richmond, where I met my mentor Geoff Lindsay (Saigon Street, Bali and Dandelion, in Melbourne). I learnt so much from Geoff, he showed me what can be done with Asian flavours and how versatile they are.


When I finished at Pearl, I came home to Singapore and landed a job with Lucha Loco. I’ve been with Lucha Loco for 4 years, of which I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring, learning and working with the group!


Why do you like cooking Mexican food?

◊ Because of its simple flavours and the chillies. As a chilli lover the amount of different chillies that you can get is an eye opener. They can be used for so many dishes and in so many different ways.


★ Your favourite taco dish at Lucha Loco

◊ Carnitas Taco aka, Pork Belly taco because it has everything that I love: juicy pork belly (which we slow cook for 12 hours), balanced with light and crispy, yet spicy, jicama salsa.

It gives my taste buds a good workout!


★ Craziest taco you’ve ever made?

◊ We were playing around in the kitchen, when one day we decided to take a taco with all its fillings, battered it up and then (dramatic pause) we fried it!


What came out was one of the greasiest tacos you could ever eat!


★ Tell us your favourite dish in Singapore!

◊ I have too many to narrow it down to just one! I think I can get it down to my Top 6:

  1. Bak Ku Teh, from a small old coffee shop in Thomson
  2. Lor Mee, Amoy Street Hawker Centre
  3. Chicken Rice, Nam Kee Chicken Rice
  4. Kl Hokkien Mee, Keng Eng Kee
  5. Fish Steamboat, Nan Hwa Chong
  6. Mee Soto, Adam rd Hawker Centre


Tequila or Mezcal?

◊ Tequila. I prefer the clean crisp taste!


 Who is your favourite chef?

◊  My late grandmother, she always had plenty great food to eat in her kitchen and she made the best Bak Chang that I miss to this day.


Best meals you have ever eaten?

◊ Restaurant Andre’s, Singapore

◊ Movida, Melbourne Australia

◊ Pho, from the streets of Hanoi

◊ Beef noodles at the old market in Kuching’s city centre, Sarawak, Malaysia

◊ Somtam Nua at Soi Siam Square 5 in Bangkok


Last meal you cooked at home?

◊ I recently cooked a soy and pear braised beef brisket with rolled rice noodle and hot mint salad for my wife!


There you go!





Begin your love affair with Mezcal

22 June 2016

Mezcal Bottles


Think of mezcal as tequila’s sultry cousin – it’s a little smokier, earthy, mysterious and full of character. It is best enjoyed when sipped slowly and savoured, and is Mexico’s answer to a single malt whisky. So what’s the difference between tequila and mezcal? Tequila is made from only one type of blue agave plant, however mezcal can be made from more than 30 types of agave plant. Its complex flavours are derived from the way the spirit is processed, it’s wood roasted, crushed and distilled in batches, taking up to 30 days to produce – a hand crafted process that has been carried down through producers for hundreds of years.


Still a little unsure about mezcal? Here are a few tips on how to get started:

If you’re new to drinking mezcal, try and go for 45 proof or less. This will be a smoother introduction to the spirit, giving you time to savour the flavours and aromas.


★ Stick to mezcal that is 100% agave and stay away from ‘mixto’ – this is mezcal which also contains alcohol distilled from cane sugar… hangover alert!


★ Good quality mezcals are not just ‘smoky’, and have many dimensions and interesting flavours including dry chili, chipotle, roasted bell pepper and coffee beans.


 Avoid the ‘worm’ or larvae that you often see at the bottom of bottles, this is usually a gimmick for cheap spirits that are used to attract gringos (foreigners!).


Top Tips at Super and Lucha Loco:

★ Starting to get hooked on the idea of mezcal? We recommend beginning with our Don Amado Rustico on the rocks, which has hints of salted caramel, green pepper, fruit and light smokiness. Check out our advice on how to drink tequila like a Mexican in last month’s issue!


★ If you’re not keen on sipping mezcal on its own, then try it in a cocktail! Mezcal is a versatile spirit that mixes well with other flavours. We recommend starting with our El Pepino (refreshing cucumber with spicy/sweet jalapeno agave), the El Megroni (think a Negroni with a smoky twist) or our Oaxacan Old Fashioned (smoky, smooth, sour and spicy) for something a little more bold.


Available at Super Loco and Lucha Loco, prices vary.


See you soon amigo!


Food for Mezcal

22 June 2016

Mezcal & Churros


With every good drink comes great food! To enhance your mezcal experience, here are a few food pairing suggestions:



The “Aguachile de pulpo roja” is a slow cooked octopus dish with smoked tomato, avocado, piquillo pepper, habanero and lime.

This dish pairs remarkably well as both the tomato and piquillo pepper have a slight smoky touch, though more sweetness than smoke. When eating this with mezcal it balances the palate perfectly as the mezcal also has the smoky and sweet flavour combination.



Chorizo taco – a rich pork and beef taco goes well with a smoky mezcal, and the spicy chipotle salsa works with the sweetness of the mezcal.


Sharing Dishes

For an interesting pairing, the Seabass with sweetcorn will be the way to go. We all know how good smoked fish tastes, so having a fresh roasted fillet of fish with mezcal recreates this effect. It’s a really interesting combination as the fish becomes more delicate in flavour!



The churros of course! Chocolate and mezcal practically come from the same town in Mexico – Oaxaca. We also infuse our chocolate sauce with orange, and orange is the perfect citrus to be served with mezcal. Churros, mezcal, orange and chocolate, you can’t go wrong!


Available at Super Loco, prices vary.


See you soon amigo!


5 Minutos with a Loco – Héctor Vázquez Abarca

21 June 2016



We are pleased to introduce you to Señor Héctor Vázquez Abarca, Master Distiller and man in charge of the Los Danzantes Mezcal distillery. He is one of the world leaders and aficionados in mezcal and recently, over the course of three days at Lucha Loco and Super Loco, he facilitated a masterclass and mezcal tasting that took us through all things agave. Here are a few tips he shared on Mexico and mezcal:


★ What are three restaurants to eat in Oaxaca, Mexico?

◊  Good question! In Oaxaca I recommend you go to Los Danzantes restaurant, Casa Wahaca and a very local restaurant – El Fogoncito. Be prepared, El Fogoncito is very small, very local and… bad service! But they have a broth called the Caldo de Piandra which is made of water, shrimps, tomato and some herbs onions – it’s worth going for this as they serve it in a big jicara bowl and drop a heated rock into the cold broth. The broth is cooked from the heat coming off the rock, it’s amazing!


 What are three of your favourite cocktails?

◊ Firstly a Negroni, coming in second would be a Sazerac (New Orleans variation of a Cognac or whiskey cocktail) and third, a really well done gin tonic which includes any of the following gins – Tanqueray gin, Monkey 47, Citadelle or Sipsmith.


★ What is the best mezcal you have tried?

◊ My first mezcal which was Arte Mezcal 2006.


★ What is your favourite Los Danzantes?

◊ That’s a difficult question, my favourite mezcal is whichever Los Dazantes mezcal that I have infront of me at the time. I love Coyote, Tobala, Arroqueño – any type of mezcal with agave!


★ When did you discover your passion for mezcal?

◊ In 1997, so 19 years ago now! I feel in love with the flavours, their sweetness, citric, herbal, spices, the toasted nuts… all very complex and even more interesting on the palette.


★ What made you choose Los Danzantes amongst all the mezcal brands?

◊ They have very good principles and philosophies, and there is a huge respect for the plants and the people that make it. Los Danzantes takes care of the people, instead of buying and taking over local companies. Mezcal is about respecting the tradition and the people. There is no science behind the making of mezcal, it’s ingrained in culture and the makers have been doing it for many years.

Los Danzantes also did a conservation project when they took 150,000 seeds and planted them back in the mountains. They are also the first to pay more and buy agave from the farmers, only because they wanted to help the farmers out.


Have you tried any local food, if so what is your favourite in Singapore?

◊ The one with the fried egg and shrimp, which is very nice… the local Carrot Cake!




Muchas gracias Señor Héctor! Stay tuned for a few exciting projects that we’ll be working with Hector on later this year.




View photos from Mezcal Master class | View photos from Mezcal & Mexican Food Appreciation